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The timeless aesthetic of Balenciaga  

Balenciaga has come to be one of the most influential brands of fashion in the world — its timeless aesthetic has come to be synonymous with elegance and class. 

Balenciaga Motocross bags 

Both stylish and beautiful, the line of Motocross bags immediately sets itself apart from the crowd, a bold departure from a long and gallant lineage of ladieswear couture. In contrast to the upright structure of many of its predecessors, the dignified Motocross lounges in utter confidence, a position of delicate repose from its soft and supple lambskin material. Though gentle to the touch, the lambskin bags are quite durable, ensuring that the Motocross will stand as a stalwart companion, resisting any normal wear and tear. With this bag at your side, you’ll be ready for anything.

As for the exterior, the Motocross bag features its signature long leather tassels, accents that charmingly accentuate the wearer’s graceful movements. A fashion statement that speaks volumes, the Motocross bag says both Balenciaga and status in a single glance. Silver-toned studs and miniature buckles adorn the bag’s exterior, creating a light yet undeniably striking expression, where the eye is directed towards the centrepiece of a single zippered pocket. Your hands can rest comfortably on smooth, rolled doubled handles, or let it hang with ease from the optional single-shoulder strap. However you don this stylish piece, the Motocross is a bag that says comfort and sophistication all in one.

A grand spectrum of hues in our Motocross collection

Breaking with the monochrome mould, you can find this bag in a diversity of colours, a grand spectrum of hues that rival the palettes of the greatest renaissance masters. But of course, you will often find those perennial classics of black and anthracite available. They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery — and as a timeless vintage accessory, these brilliant Motocross bags have inspired many imitators. With our collection, however, you can always rest assured that you are getting a genuine, hand-stitched bag that emanates authenticity. With these luxury second-hand bags, you can be confident that you’re wearing the latest fashion from the most renowned fashion icons in the world.