Burberry was founded as a specialist of waterproof clothing, to tackle the British weather – without compromising in style or elegance.

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The essence of British fashion with vintage Burberry 

Burberry was founded as a specialist of waterproof clothing, to tackle the British weather – without compromising in style or elegance.

The British are world famous for their outerwear and Burberry has been at the forefront of protecting people against the elements, since its establishment in 1856 by visionary designer and innovator, Thomas Burberry.

Because of the brand’s eye for detail and high quality, their handbags and coats are the most sought after pieces within vintage Burberry. 

Burberry – the brand behind gabardine 

In 1879, Thomas Burberry invented gabardine, a revolutionary fabric significant for its breathable and weatherproof characteristics. With a tough and tightly woven cotton weave, coats and jackets could form, then on, be created in a light and breathable fashion – yet still be waterproof – in contrast to their heavy woollen predecessors. Gabardine paved the way for stylish rainwear that could easily be worn in the countryside – as well as on the city streets.

This game-changing fabric is associated with Burberry to a degree that it even gave inspiration to the iconic DK88 bag, a classic when it comes to vintage Burberry.

Burberry – the creator of the trench coat 

Burberry is without a doubt most famous for the trench coat, an iconic piece that finds its way to the front covers of magazines and graces the runway, time and time again. 

Over the years, Burberry has become the most important fashion brand in all of Britain. Completely timeless, yet capable of reinventing itself, Burberry has collaborated with high-end designers such as the queen of British punk, Vivienne Westwood, and the likes of supermodels such as Gigi Hadid.

Vintage Burberry – more than just a check pattern 

Whether it is the patterns in its linings, its scarves or on its handbags, Burberry is more or less synonymous with the Scottish tartan design in tan, black and red. With its timeless elegance, nothing is more characteristic for Burberry than the Nova Check on a vintage Burberry handbag. 

Burberry is today a high-end luxury brand, represented in renowned department stores – and with boutiques on prominent fashion streets all over the world.                    

Since 2018, Riccardo Tisci, the famous Italian designer, is Chief Creative Officer of this iconic British luxury brand. He has transformed Burberry into a contemporary and chic fashion house with influential runway shows, all while staying true to the classic Burberry DNA.

In a display of its modernity, Burberry was the first brand to livestream a fashion show, notable for a brand that has remained relevant in the fashion industry for over 150 years.