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Showing 25–34 of 34 results

Céline for the sophisticated wardrobe

For a clean, elegant aesthetic, Céline is the French fashion house your handbag collection craves. Whether you’re eyeing their trademark Trapeze handbag or the simpler Luggage Tote, Céline designs are timeless, essential articles for any sophisticated wardrobe. The iconic fashion house got its start in 1945, created by Céline Vipiana. In the 1960s, it garnered global success as it pioneered the sportswear genre and expanded its luxury goods collection. Today, Céline’s luxury goods can be found in the world’s most exclusive high-end retail stores such as Barneys, Harrods, and Bergdorf Goodman.

The ”it-bag” of the 20th century and onwards

The Céline Trapeze is named after its iconic shape, a style that has made it one of the biggest “it” bags of the 20th century. Central to the design of the bag is the classic, structured figure, rife with French design concepts that radiate that famous boutique chic look. However, this bag is easy to distinguish thanks to its iconic wing design, a striking and  clever feature that allows the wearer to tuck it in to assume a more modest mannerism, or fan them out for a bit of added exuberance. This is truly a bag that combines classic design features with a flair for the dramatic. No matter your style, indulge in a luxury bag that epitomizes high-quality craftsmanship and excellence in design.
Additionally, you can revel in the more simply shaped Luggage Tote, a bag that embraces its classic lines while still staying true to that same clean elegant aesthetic philosophy that makes Céline a serious contender in the modern world of women’s handbags. A genuine second-hand Céline will put you in a class of your own at any high society function. These are gorgeous masterpieces that emanate status and refinement all in the same breath. Accessorize with a bag that will never eclipse your look, but rather will serve to accentuate it — giving it that much sought after je ne sais quoi of understated luxury.