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Embody a chic and carefree look with Chloé 

The iconic fashion house Chloé was founded in 1952 by visionary Gaby Aghion, who pioneered the world’s first ready-to-wear high fashion clothing collection. Combining high quality haute couture with the convenience of ready-made luxury items, Aghion revolutionized the world of women’s fashion. Based in Paris, the brand enjoys worldwide success and has been spotted on the arms of high-profile celebrities such as Madonna, Marion Cotillard, and Cameron Diaz. The brand’s signature style embodies a carefree attitude, featuring flowing silhouettes and a soft, romantic colour palette. It’s a line that exudes the sort of spirit that can breathe a gust of fresh air back into any closet and give you that youthful boutique chic look.

Enter Chloé Paddington bag

It was only recently, in the early 2000s, that the brand branched out into the world of handbags, but since then it has established itself as an icon of design. Being one of the most iconic brands of the 70s, Chloé bags naturally resist structure and formality, and instead embrace an easy-going, laidback look. In spring 2005, the Chloé Paddington was released, immediately capturing the hearts and minds (not to mention the ardent attention) of fashionistas everywhere, selling out before they could even hit the shelves. Possessing the quality leather bag, adorned with its padlock and distinctive decorative details, evoked a certain status: you were a true woman of taste and sophistication, and someone with her finger on the pulse of the world of high-end handbags.

Followed by Chloé Silverado Bag

Riding on the wave of such unrivalled exclusivity, Chloé released the trapezoidal Silverado Bag. Famous for its mould-breaking shape, the Silverado was a must-have for any serious devotee of fashion. This is a gorgeous vintage bohemian style bag equipped with whipstitched trim on the handles and side flap pockets. All of that design sensibility has gone into the making of a bag produced from some of the highest quality materials in the world with an absolutely premium construction, all made to stand up to the rigours of time, whether it be your daily travails or the vicissitudes of styles. Bold, vibrant, and visionary in every sense of the word, an authentic Chloé bag is a smart addition to any well-curated wardrobe.