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Fashion legend Christian Dior 

French fashion house Christian Dior is synonymous with femininity, classic and timeless haute couture and has since its establishment in 1947, been considered as one of the most iconic fashion houses of all time. 

Founded by Christian Dior during the post-world war era, his debut collection consisting the ”New Look” with lowered hemline, small shoulders, cinced waistline, accentuated bust and voluminous skirt, came to radically change the fashion industry. 

By the mid 1950s the house of Dior had already outfitted a numerous international celebrities such as Marlene Dietrich, Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth and members of the British royal family and continued to earn the admiration and patronage of many high-profile women.

Following Christian Dior’s death in 1957, Yves Saint Laurent was appointed as artistic lead and continued to carry out the artistic vision of Dior. 

In addition to Yves Saint Laurent, John Galliano and Raf Simons are among those to have had the artistic lead of the fashion house Dior. 

The birth of iconic Lady Dior, Saddlebag and Diorissimo

What started as a customized gift from former first-lady of France Bernadette Chirac to Princess Diana of Wales in 1995, became the making of a fashion icon. Due to its popularity The Lady Dior bag was launched to the public in 1996 and quickly became the ultimate fashion collector’s item among fashionistas around the world. Each Lady Dior is crafted by hand. Commencing with manual cutting out of the leathers, the pieces are then assembled and moulded around a wooden form, finally it is meticulously sewn together. In total, there are 140 distinct pieces that are necessary in the process of creating a Lady Dior, hence the luxurious quality.

During the artistic lead of John Galliano, another icon, the Saddlebag was born in 1999. The style became an instant ”It-bag” and was spotted on every tastemaker of the late ‘90s and early ‘00s we know and love, from ‘Sex and The City’s’ Carrie Bradshaw to Paris Hilton.

With Raf Simons artistic supervision, the Diorissimo tote bag was launched in 2012. Embodying the brand’s craftsmanship excellence and made from smooth leather in an array of color options the Diorissimo was a modern update on the Lady Dior.

Iconic Dior bags at A Retro Tale

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