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Designer crossbody bags are functional yet extremely stylish bags designed for practicality at no aesthetic cost. Unlike handbags or mini bags, crossbody bags are effectively hands-free, with easy access to important daily accompaniments like mobile phones and wallets. Our second-hand collection at A Retro Tale consists of authentic leather bags which have been meticulously appraised, verified, cleaned and catalogued. So be prepared to be blown away by our by contemporary and vintage crossbody bags.

What Is a Crossbody Bag?

Do you remember how difficult it was to juggle your handbag and coffee cup while fishing out your wallet trying to pay for a magazine? Or what about the time when your saddle bag slipped off your shoulder on to the ground as you were running to catch a taxi? These are real problems, and real problems require real solutions!

Enter the crossbody bag. As the name implies, the strap for this bag is slung across your body and goes over the head. Voila! The bag now can’t slip off your shoulder unintentionally. Aside from that single structural change, the crossbody bag works just like any other bag. You can fill it with your wallet, mobile phone, make lipstick, sunglasses, perfume and even lunch box. The convenience will utterly spoil you.

The high-quality leather, stitching and workmanship of designer crossbody bags means they can be used in office and professional settings. However, they are actually more suited for the outdoors. The bag is invaluable during hikes, going to the gym, while traveling and even when taking the dog out for a walk – it’s so versatile! Many straps are also padded and meshed for comfort and breathability, so there is no issue with long use.

However, please be mindful of the strap getting stuck on doors, poles or worse, moving vehicles. Since the strap is secured around the user’s upper body, there is a risk of injury if any of those things occur.