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A Retro Tale is a one-stop destination for authentic second hand Fendi bags. Whether you’re on the hunt for the latest Spring/Summer 2020 releases like the Peekaboo range or vintage bags like the Baguette, we’ve got you covered! Take your time and just browse through our curated inventory of original Fendi bags to give yourself some inspiration.

How Fendi Bags Can Accentuate Your Style

Fendi’s handbags are iconic and have become a firm part of fashion canon. They are stylish yet elegant, and more importantly, exclusive yet affordable (especially in the long run).

Don’t raise your eyebrows! Yes, you can get a brand new, decent handbag for $20, $30 or $40, but can they last you a decade? Can they remain fashionably-relevant during that time? How many of those handbags will you need to buy every year? Take your calculator, and do the maths. Chances are, you will be paying a lot more over the lifetime of a designed bag. But that’s not all! What will those used bags be worth in a year, never mind a decade?

The value of your pre-loved Fendi handbag will remain near constant for the next ten years, if you look after it carefully. It bears repeating that Fendi’s handbags are of extremely high quality. They are made using the best materials around, right from the leather to the lining and even the decorative clasps. In addition, if you’re lucky, they could come back into fashion after several years (like the Baguette), and the resale value will spike!

The durability of these bags also means you will be consuming less resources from the environment over the long run in the form of raw leather, fossil fuel for production and delivery, and even electricity from computers and servers.

Be part of the fashionable solution, ladies, and be a wise and conscientious shopper.