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The discreet grandness of Goyard 

Low-key and luxurious, Goyard is one of the most discreetly recognized brands in the world. Yet, the average person does not know much about the designer brand besides its stylish accessories and signature monogram as Goyard doesn’t advertise. 

Founded by Pierre-François Martin in Paris 1792 as the ”House of Martin” has been passed down to generations to a point where it came to be renamed as the ”House of Goyard”. The luxury brand originally specialised in boxes, trunks and packing for the French aristocracy and is of today the longest luggage maker still business. 

Goyard Saint Louis PM and GM totes at A Retro Tale

Despite operating in silence, there’s nothing mundane about Goyard bags. With A Retro Tale’s exclusive collection of vintage and second-hand Goyard Saint Louis PM and GM totes, one will undoubtedly feel the craftsmanship excellence and luxury granted in each piece.