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Luxury and equestrian leisure by Gucci

The house of Gucci stirs the heart of any fashion lover. A symbol of luxury and leisure, a genuine Gucci handbag instantly transforms any ensemble into a work of art. Inspired by an equestrian aesthetic, the brand continuously pays homage to the graceful creature at the centre of the sport. Their signature Horsebit icon is a subtle yet charming nod to its equestrian origins. It is a simple and elegant statement that today adorns many of Gucci’s luxury products.

When expensive material became scarce during the war, Gucci, ever the innovator, introduced unconventional material to the world of luxury handbags. A challenge to some, the usage of refined hemp and canvas proved the superior craftsmanship of this legendary fashion house and the invincibility of their vision. Today, this combination of materials still adorns Gucci luggage and handbags, and together with their unique design details, this iconic brand is instantly recognizable, a distinguished look that imparts status and class to those who are shrewd enough to possess them.

Signature patterns and design excellence

Versatile in the realm of fabrics and fashion, Gucci has throughout the years unleashed a series of signature patterns that have proven to be truly timeless. For instance, the original GG canvas diamond pattern is uniquely glamorous. Made from durable canvas, it is delicately assembled with leather trims, a trademark pattern transcends both style and seasons. Another hallmark of Gucci design excellence and their love for all things equestrian is the Gucci vintage web. Originally used to keep the saddle in place, the web allows the rider to stride with ease and comfort. Similarly, Gucci’s own iconic red and green web emanates sophistication and comfort wherever you go. The Gucci Bamboo handle is yet another signature of this fashion house, a favourite amongst royalty and celebrities alike. Crafted from burnishing cane sticks, the curved handles create a striking and exotic look that echoes the brand’s aesthetic philosophy of luxury and leisure. And once it was given a small millennial makeover in the early aughts, it brought a brilliant classic back to centre stage. When putting together the perfect outfit, go with a timeless brand that emanates refinement in every stitch.