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The meticulous craftsmanship of Loewe 

Loewe (pronounced ”loh-weh-vay”) was established in Madrid 1846 by Enrique Loewe Roessberg gained acknowledgement for its expertise and craftsmanship in leather purses and handbags, even supplying the Spanish royal household with its goods. Fast forward to the present and we find Loewe adorned on the arms and backs of music royalties such as Beyoncé and ASAP Rocky. The transformation from the royal court to music scene follows the artistic lead of British designer Jonathan Anderson in 2013 bringing a somewhat low-key and conservative leather collective into the colorful and modern fashion brand that it is today.  

Loewe Amazana, Flamenco and Puzzle bag

With bags such as Amazana, Flamenco and Puzzle, Loewe has furthered its position as a modern international fashion house while retaining its heritage and passion for craftsmanship.  

Highly coveted bags

Highly coveted by fashion lovers and collectors alike, a well-curated Loewe bag is somewhat hard to come by nowadays. While A Retro Tale mediate pre-loved Amazana and Puzzle bags from time to time, these sough after bags are sold out faster than one can correctly pronounce Loewe.