Find your fashion soulmate among our pre-loved vintage handbags - each carrying a whisper of past adventures and making you unforgettable in the present.



Move over diamonds — vintage handbags are a girl’s new best friend. And why not? They hold your most personal possessions and safeguard your closest secrets. Your relationship with your handbag is inherently intimate. It’s not just a bag, it’s a statement — unmitigated self-expression of who you are. And luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Chloe, and Céline are a recognition that you are worth the superior craftsmanship that introduces you before you’ve even uttered a single word. Our top-quality second-hand bags are sure to become faithful and stalwart companions in your daily life. Designed by some of the most renowned fashion houses in the world, artists that understand that the devil is in the details, these bags merge master craftsmanship and high-concept aesthetics into one. They breathe in French and Italian expressions and exhale cultured refinement.

The secret to the elegance of Louis Vuitton vintage handbags lies in their simplicity. These bags always combine refinement with bold statements for a look that conveys luxury and confidence all in one glance. These handbags sport such a classic aesthetic they can be worn in any number of ways, serving as the perfect accompaniment from day to evening. Meanwhile, the signature monogram LV and supple leather are those classic iconic symbols, markers of sophisticated taste. Because when you choose something as personal as a handbag, you’re not just picking a look — you’re embracing a lifestyle.

In contrast to LV’s logo look, you can also enjoy the understated luxury embodied in a genuine Bottega Veneta handbag. Master artists spare no attention to detail, clearly evident in the signature intrecciato woven pattern, the very hallmark of this fashion house; each of these bags takes upwards of 8 hours to meticulously assemble by hand. The interiors of these bags are lined with a smooth suede, graceful to the touch, the perfect texture as you effortlessly organize the contents of your purse. A favourite amongst the international jet set titans of old such as Jackie O and Empress Farah Pahlavi, a second-hand Bottega Veneta will set you apart in any city.