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Shoulder Bags

Indulge in a love affair with our selection of vintage luxury shoulder bags - a nod to the past, a statement for the now.


THE VIRTUES OF SHOULDER BAGS Stepping into the limelight, the shoulder bag distinguishes itself from its more traditional siblings, the purse and the handbag. The shoulder bag instead embraces its virtues of practicality while maintaining a playful air of elegance. Practical yet stylish, the shoulder bag supports you in your daily endeavours in a way that makes every gesture appear genuinely effortless. Our premium quality shoulder bags will be your faithful companion day in and day out. Designed by some of the most renowned fashion houses in the world, these fashion icons recognise that the devil is in the details; these are bags merge master craftsmanship and high-concept Parisian aesthetics into one subtle unity. Accessorize with a shoulder bag that is sturdy enough to hold all your valuables yet stylish enough to set you apart.

Louis Vuitton shoulder bags – the hallmarks of taste and fashion The secret to the success and elegance of Louis Vuitton bags is their simplicity. These bags combine refinement with bold statements for a look that conveys luxury and confidence all in one glance. These handbags sport a classic aesthetic that can be worn in any number of ways, serving as the perfect accompaniment from daytime bustle to evening leisure. Meanwhile, the signature monogram LV and supple leather are the hallmarks of taste and fashion; there is no greater pinnacle of stylish couture than a classic Louis Vuitton bag hanging gracefully from your shoulder.

Chanel shoulder bags – the essence of chic Coco Chanel once wisely said “fashion fades, but style endures”. The same can be said for her legendary collection of shoulder bags. Chanel is a name that has become synonymous with the essence of chic. Every Chanel bag radiates clean yet nuanced style, full of premium materials and a design aesthetic which has easily stood the test of time. These genuine second-hand bags will rightly place you in the upper echelons of fashion, all as they rest comfortably at your side. Convey class and luxury with an authentic Chanel and everyone will remember the woman on whose shoulder it rests.