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Weekend Bags

Escape in style with our selection of vintage luxury weekend bags – a fusion of fashion and functionality. Travel like a boss, with a touch of retro glam.

Looking for the perfect luxury getaway weekend? Take the perfect travel companion with you. Practical yet fashionable, our second-hand weekend bags let everyone know that you’re up for daring escapades without compromising on style. Delve into a world of delightful colours and patterns, suede lining, and light leathers. Our weekend bags simply emanate style and sophistication — you’ll feel it the second you have those elegant dual-rolled top leather handles in your hands. Fashion is timeless in nature — trends may come and go, but classic style knows no bounds, and these bags can keep up with your cosmopolitan lifestyle. Choose the perfect adventure accessory from our collection of high-end fashion classics like Louis Vuitton and Dior.

Our Louis Vuitton weekend bags come from one of the most renowned names in the fashion world. It is a name that has come to be synonymous with Parisian couture and refined design. It has also inspired many flatterers in the form of imitators. Yet no one else can quite offer the same status and premium quality as the original, complete with its signature monogram LV and handcrafted leather. It’s not just a look — it is a standard of excellence that exudes high concept French aesthetic. Our vintage weekend bags are as stylish and fashionable as their namesake designer. These bags took their stage on the Parisian fashion scene as the twin essences of luxury and femininity became the unassailable centres of women’s fashion. At the same time, our weekend bags are pieces that exhibit those noble virtues of fashion, a resolute simplicity through which true elegance emerges. Brilliant designs, high quality materials, and masterful handiwork are the signatures of these bags. Accessorize yourself not just with a bag that merely suits your needs, but with one that brilliantly caters to them. Whether your idea of a luxurious weekend getaway involves lounging in the sun on a faraway beach or embarking on a series of colourful exploits, choose the perfect travel companion: a bag that promises both relaxation and style.