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Embodying style, elegance and practicality with a designer tote bag Going to the beach? Getting lunch with a friend? Bring a bag that is as active as you are. Casual yet stylish, the modest tote bag will keep up with your impressive range of interests while providing you with the comfort and companionship you crave. Embark on the day’s adventures confidently with a stylish tote at your side that underscores those virtues of practicality and elegance with brilliance and ease. Refine your wardrobe with a genuine second-hand designer tote The fashion icon himself, Christian Dior, is credited with saying “you can go morning to dinner in the same suit, but to be perfectly dressed, you cannot keep the same bag.” Cultivate a look that conveys luxury and class at a single glance. Our shoppers and totes are the absolutely perfect accessory. Choose a charming tote that complements a breath-taking silhouette for a truly timeless look, one that radiates high concept French aesthetic. They are the very embodiment of the high fashion principle that genuine essence, moulded simply, reveals the spark of quality. Choose from a variety of styles that suit your many activities.

Find your next favourite from our collection of second-hand totes. Our collection of second-hand tote bags hail from some of the most renowned names in the world of women’s fashion. Flawless functionality and refined details are the hallmarks of these tote bags that make for a timeless aesthetic of pure luxury. A second-hand tote from one of these exclusive fashion houses embodies the bold visionary style of their legendary designers. They exude such authenticity and magnificent grace that you’ll be at the centre of attention for the rest of the night’s dinner party. These shoppers and totes are made from only the finest materials: soft supple leather, smooth suede lining, and dual rolled handles — taken all together, these bags are the artistic pinnacle of centuries of European master craftsmanship. Combined with a modern eye for design, these totes are the zenith of fashion and are sure to lend you an unforgettable air of distinction.