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Showing all 23 results

Class and high culture the Bottega Veneta way

Nothing quite says class and high culture the way a Bottega Veneta does. Hailing from Venice, a fashion capital of the world in its own right, the line of bags from this iconic fashion house exudes the classic Italian aesthetic. But the Bottega Veneta brand goes well beyond the look — it is so much more than just a pretty face. Rather than indulge in flashy logos, Bottega Veneta bags let their superior quality and craftsmanship speak for themselves. It’s a quality that conveys a timeless, classic expression like no other.  

The Intrecciato Roma boasts the signature Intrecciato pattern, which has become the stylish signature of the entire Bottego Veneta collection. Made from light and pliable leather, meticulously hand woven into an intricate pattern, the look conveys a delicate grace and strength all in a single eye-catching glance. Sporting this iconic pattern will give you that boutique chic look that speaks volumes about your taste for excellence and refinement. Each bag takes upwards of 8 hours to fully weave — the Intrecciato pattern utterly radiates status and a penchant for iconic fashion the second you walk into a room.

Pre-loved Bottega Veneta at A Retro Tale

Our authentic second-hand Bottego Veneta bags are the perfect accessory, adornments that create an undeniable air of luxury wherever you go. Our bags feature adjustable rolled shoulder straps, allowing you to wear your bag with grace at any length you desire. And the details, of course, are all part of the charm. Perhaps a vintage golden-toned detail, reminiscent of a lock and key, to tastefully accent the rich leather exterior; or perhaps you would rather fully embrace the sea of the delicate Intrecciato pattern with a simple one zip closure at the top. The unstructured, uncomplicated, but strikingly straightforward exterior conveys a look of complete repose, an aesthetic that is reinforced by the high-quality interior design, carefully lined with a supple suede that brushes the fingertips gracefully as you organize the contents of your purse to your liking. The Intrecciato Roma second-hand bag is a luxury item, one that that resists the vacillation of ephemeral trends but revels in the expression of the timeless that effortlessly conveys class. It is a must-have for any fashionista’s wardrobe. The collection also includes all types of subtle variations, from designs to exotic skins, each of which lets you express yourself and show how you’re never afraid to make a statement.