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Luxury backpacks are the epitome of high society and endless grace

No longer to be outdone by the purse or clutch, the humble backpack has taken a fashion spotlight all for itself. Practical, stylish, and ready for anything, these backpacks are the perfect companions for your next everyday adventure or exciting trek.

Our vintage backpacks make for excellent fashion accessories, both incredibly useful and highly fashionable. From Louis Vuitton to Chanel, with our luxury second-hand backpacks, you know you’re getting masterwork quality from iconic fashion houses. Keep your possessions secure while at the same time looking great. Comfortable, beautiful, and with a charming figure, our backpacks are the epitome of high society and endless grace. Their refined expression, both dignified and stately, is sure to make a statement anywhere you go.

Louis Vuitton backpacks – high fashion culture anywhere you go

Our Louis Vuitton backpacks exude high concept French fashion; the design house is one of the most renowned in the world, unmistakable at a glance thanks to its signature design aesthetic and, of course, its classic trademark monogram. Although there are many imitators, there are few who can compete with the premium quality of these vintage Louis Vuitton backpacks, vintage and timeless backpacks that absolutely exude authenticity. The LV Montsouris, for instance, takes on a stunning look of cavalier luxury, sporting a classic style without indulging in the trendy, a timeless aesthetic that suggests high fashion culture anywhere you go.

Chanel backpacks – the quintessential accessory of the modern era

Our Chanel backpacks are just as stylish and fashionable. A true fashion icon, the Chanel brand has been one of the most influential brands in history. “Fashion changes, but style endures” was the motto of the brand’s founder, Coco Chanel, and it is a spirit of couture that is undeniably present in all of their products. The range of Chanel backpacks, as a quintessential accessory of the modern era, represents a classic carrying bag that is timeless in look and function, capturing that spirit in its totality.

Find your pre-loved backpack with A Retro Tale

With our vintage and second hand backpacks, wherever you go and whatever you bring with you, you will be doing it in true style.